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I look forward to getting acquainted with you.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am Josie Roase, a medium, mystic, and energy medicine facilitator. I have a spiritual commitment to being of service to those physically living and those in the  afterlife by sharing communications between the two realms and co-creating a space in which you heal.

In as much as there are those who do not embrace the higher knowledge of Spirit Communications I wish to say that it is not my intention to convert or convince anyone of the authenticity of this gift. Many have been ridiculed for their extraordinary genius and intuitive abilities as well as healing miracles. The list is long and includes the physician and astrologer, Nostradamus, St. Joan of Arc, Bruno Groenng who was jailed for a time for healing miracles, and so many others in addition to the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is 2017 and still some people will lie and do all they can to discredit those who work to bring more Light to this world so desperately in need of compassion and truth.

When many question how our world will become unified, how our minds can be at peace and when we will 

achieve an environment in which all can thrive, Guidance tells us to turn to the Light through prayer, meditation and service.

Peace is birthed by understanding those whose ways are different and finding a common ground to build upon. Through multi- cultural activities such as music, sports, education, theater, curiosity rather than condemnation and the intention for peace on Earth, unity can become a reality.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

} My apologies for what you are about to read but it is necessary. People are telling me they are outraged that lies are being propagated about me. I tell them to ignore this. Now I am addressing this publicly.  Regarding untrue and defamatory remarks about me on the Internet by Tom Martino and Ms. Burkitt:

Absolutely no foundation was ever found by a court of law for the allegations made against me and no legal charges were ever brought against me.

The facts speak for themselves: I was never charged with illegal activity after having to turn over my financials and being scrutinized years ago. 

Tom Martino and Debra Grayce Burkitt have seen fit to spread lies about me on podcast and the Internet. I have been lied to and lied about. 

When Martino asked Burkitt in 2016 why no legal charges were ever brought against me since this began years ago, she falsely answered, "I don't know Tom."  No court of law would charge me with something they could not prove to have a foundation. It is grievously sad her money was stolen. I knew nothing of it then nor can I explain now what happened. 

I have legally been awarded on April 6, 2017, a judgment against Ms. Burkitt for my attorney fees. 

The painfully sad part of this story for me is the loss of a son, a loss every Mother would feel deeply.

Children come to us and through us and we have no control over their successes or their failures and choices.

People distort facts and fabricate in whatever manner they choose. Perhaps this is where we must turn the other cheek and say, 

"Forgive them for they know not what they do." 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

And now, I would like to speak with you about who I am. I have been blessed with the ability to connect with unseen realms since childhood. This information sometimes comes in the form of pictures that I see with my inner vision. I also have contact with physical manifestations of loved ones and Masters. I communicate telepathically or I listen to physical sounds and words. All of these heightened sensitivities including that of smell, touch, feel, hearing and sight has served others and myself well in receiving precognitive information to assist in the best possible outcomes. Insight is always better than hindsight and these gifts support your best possible decision making.

I have authored several forthcoming books detailing my experiences and messages I receive from those who have crossed over and beings of great Divine Light and wisdom. I am honored to share my gifts, and trust that the messages we share bring peace.

Book date will be announced when ready for you:

Greetings From The Afterlife and

Sonny Liston Today – The Spirit Behind The Man – From The Afterlife "Whoever saves one life saves the world entire." The Talmud

Do what you can to improve the life of another. Create a sanctuary of peace for yourself and others.

Watch The Video Here....

Because I love wisdom I am placing these here:

"We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are." The Talmud

"It often happens that those are the best people whose characters have been most injured by slanderers: as we usually find that to be the sweetest fruit which the birds have been picking at."--- ALEXANDER POPE, "Thoughts on Various Subjects"

“Josie, I want to join you now as you write, to tell your readers that all tears are felt in the Realms of Light and We know better your value than you can imagine yourselves to have. We hide our appearances in the shadows of your minds. We come to you as comforting thoughts and with Healing Hands of Light when you are in pain. When I lived as Sonny Liston I did not feel the comfort and I did not sense the Healing Hands of Light for I was lost in the throes of anger, self-pity and whatever I could find to mask the pain of the world for periods of time. I refused the help offered. I rejected my intuition. I feared the silence necessary to obtain peace. The only great peace I had was when I felt love and I am telling you something of great importance…think about what you just read. THE ONLY TIME I FELT PEACE WAS WHEN I FELT LOVE."   – Sonny Liston

From Sonny Liston as channeled to Josie Roase 

Excerpt from forthcoming book Greetings from the Afterlife

josie roase spiritual sonny liston


I am committed to my partnership with the Intelligence of the Light and those who have passed from this life. 

I am able to link communications between the seen and unseen realms for comfort, healing, and insight. I maintain confidentiality at all times while providing respect and empathy to clients. 

We guide others in reaching their highest potential, and offer support in helping to overcome difficult obstacles.


The Intelligence of the Light is aware of my healing needs. I join with this Light to heal me now in body, mind, and soul.

Knowing this is heard, I release all blocks to my total healing on and off this planet, for all time and no time, and everywhere that has or will ever exist. In full acceptance of my healing now, I deeply feel and I accept this truth.

Thank you.

Releasing is healing and when others seek to cause harm remember: 

"Forgive them for they know not what they do."


Information that serves your healing and happiness in a forthright, truthful, and compassionate delivery.

Proof of life after life and awareness of your best possible choices. Respect and empathy. Acceptance, humor, and support during some of life’s most difficult challenges.

One on one, couples, group, adult and child meetings, and public speaking, brought to you from the Intelligence of the Light to offer you a direct pathway to self-love, re-creating your life, manifesting joy, healing, and love. Animal communications come to you directly from the Light or your beloved pets.

- Om, peace, Shanti, Mitakuye Oyasin, Shalom and gratitude to Adonai -